About Us

Stephanie Lahar, Principal

Stephanie has worked with business, nonprofit, education and government leaders for over 25 years to help them plan for a vital future, solve problems, and develop their organizations. She is a highly engaging facilitator with a deep expertise in group dynamics. She is also an insightful leadership coach, and an experienced and pragmatic planner who enjoys the creativity and the discipline of strategic thinking, analysis and decision-making.

Stephanie’s wide interests and intellectual curiosity have brought her into many worlds in her consulting business. Prior to making this her full-time work in 1999, she also had a 17-year career in higher education, teaching at the University of Vermont, and serving as Academic Dean at Woodbury College for seven years. She has an M.A. in psychology, with additional background in environmental studies, communications, and organizational development.

She has provided teaching and training in colleges and to client organizations in the areas of psychology, communications, conflict resolution, teambuilding, organizational development, environmental advocacy and systems thinking.

Stephanie works with projects partners in Vermont and nationally to deliver specific expertise and services.