Strategic Planning

We design and deliver concise and uniquely tailored strategic planning processes.

We have decades of experience in managing, teaching and consulting on strategic planning across sectors, from small companies and nonprofits to large institutions. Our strength is in thoughtfully choosing tools and formats that are suited to your specific goals – and to conditions and trends in the larger environment in which your organization operates.

We use methods we have developed and refined to create engaging and productive processes, and also draw from well-known tools such as Balanced Scorecard, Edward de Bono’s lateral and creative thinking work, and many others. In good planning the tools become the background to the sense of excitement and discovery in people working together to think creatively, tackle the hard choices of what to do and what not to do, and develop a common language, visuals and other means of creating blueprints to work from and use as references.

We design and work toward not only the product of a written plan, but also to enhance the ability of participants to think strategically, and to build ownership of the plan among those who will implement it.

We deliver planning processes from initial conception to implementation and evaluation, as well as conduct and prepare organizational assessments and reports to inform specific decisions, or that serve as precursors to more comprehensive planning processes.

We also work with partners with specific expertise in financial analysis, fundraising, personnel planning, and other areas as they are needed for projects.